IJES International Journal of Earth Sciences

IJES is available since 1910 and publishes original and review papers on the processes that shape the Earth, including:

  • Dyamics of the lithosphere
  • Magmatic and metamorphic processes
  • Material cycles
  • Mineral deposits and hydrocarbons
  • Sedimentary systems
  • Surface processes
  • Marine and continental ecosystems
  • Evolution of life

The peer-reviewed journal appears eight times yearly in English. The online version of IJES is available for DGGV members without charge. Extra costs of 22 € per year have to be paid by DGGV members for a printed version.

The international editorial board ensures the high quality of contributions.

The International Journal of Earth Sciences is published by Springer-Verlag. Authors and topics can be find on the IJES webpage. Manuscripts have to be submitted electronically (see instructions).

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