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AGU Chapman Conference — Distributed Volcanism and Distributed Volcanic Hazards

19. Sep 2022 – 23. Sep 2022 • Flagstaff, Arizona, Vereinigte Staaten
American Geophysical Union (AGU)
Most subaerial volcanoes are found in widely distributed volcanic fields made up of tens to hundreds of vents. Eruption styles and potential impacts also vary. Explosive activity ranges from mild Strombolian and ash-producing eruptions that produce localized tephra fall to more explosive eruptions that result in widespread ashfall. Effusive eruptions can produce far-reaching lava flows, and non-eruptive open-vent outgassing degrades downwind air quality. Many distributed fields on Earth are poorly instrumented and their eruptive histories are not well understood, which limits our ability to forecast the potential location, timing and magnitude of future eruptions. The purpose of this Chapman is to bring together scientists to discuss, develop, and test conceptual models of distributed volcanism. Focus by the scientific community is especially important now because of continuing growth of cities, communities, and critical infrastructure within sparsely monitored volcanic fields.


19. September 2022 - 23. September 2022

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