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Geoscientific teaching material for teachers and students

In Germany, the geosciences are not part of the school curriculum as an independent teaching unit. At present, basic knowledge in the geosciences is only taught in mostly isolated geography lessons and occasionally also in the form of examples in physics or biology lessons. However, to deal with the upcoming global problems such as climate change, scarcity of resources or geohazards, which all are major geoscientific topics, it is becoming more and more important that geoscientific knowledge is taught on a broad level in school. In order to achieve this goal, in particular geography teachers must be given more qualified geoscientific training during their studies.

The first videos and accompanying texts and figures for a series of educational videos on the System Earth have recently become available on the DGGV website. Basic geoscientific knowledge shall be presented here in short videos in an easily understandable form. The videos are intended specifically for teachers in schools, but also for students and interested laypersons. Videos, texts and figures can be downloaded and used by teachers free of charge for teaching purposes.

The new video series has just started with its first 9 instructional videos that are already available for download. In the near future, many more videos and texts will follow, which should give a comprehensive overview of the System Earth.


Martin Meschede1
1Universität Greifswald, Germany
GeoMinKöln 2022