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LGRBwissen – the new geoscientific portal for Baden-Württemberg

Since 2019, the LGRBwissen internet portal provides freely accessible and reviewed geoscientific information for the state of Baden-Württemberg. With LGRBwissen, the State Office for Geology, Natural Resources and Mining (LGRB) is expanding its product portfolio with supplemental descriptions of digital geoscientific data (GeoLa). Although LGRBwissen is primarily designed for professional customers of the LGRB, easily understandable information for the interested public is offered in several sections. The core of the portal is a tripartite search tool. Besides using a free text search, it is possible to filter thematically by subject and to search spatially. The spatial search is possible by digitizing a polygon in a map application or by entering a location name directly. The latter opens a list with pre-configured administrative units, such as municipalities or districts. In the central part of each page, there is an interactive map with an overview of the specific geoscientific topic described. The map navigation follows established internet standards. The level of generalisation is automatically depending on the map scale. In addition to the geoscientific descriptions, LGRBwissen contains a geoscientific glossary, picture galleries, links to the detailed information about the mapping units and further publications of the LGRB downloadable as PDF files. As a modern and attractive tool, LGRBwissen has significantly improved the knowledge transfer from the LGRB to its customers. Furthermore, the interdisciplinary linkage of contents creates numerous synergy effects for administration, science, education, and business. LGRBwissen can be reached at


Isabel Rupf, Frank Baumann
Landesamt für Geologie, Rohstoffe und Bergbau Baden-Württemberg, Germany
GeoKarlsruhe 2021