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Numerical modelling of sedimentary basins and petroleum systems

Sedimentary basins contain the vast majority of all energy resources, including coal, petroleum, natural gas but also geothermal energy and are also the most important storage sites for anthropogenic solids and fluids. During basin evolution, organic matter-rich sediments and sedimentary rocks are exposed to changing pressure and temperature conditions, which lead to mineralogical and geochemical reactions. Systematic and innovative studies on rock properties, laboratory experiments under well-defined physical and chemical conditions as well as numerical modelling are required to determine rates of transformation, but also fluid flow at different scales. We invite contributions to this session dealing with sedimentary systems and their constituent elements. We welcome basin modeling studies from crustal to reservoir scale, studies on various aspects of the petroleum system, e.g. source rock deposition, maturation, petroleum generation, expulsion and biodegradation, studies on temperature and heat flow evolution in sedimentary systems.  


Lutz, Rüdiger (1); Nelskamp, Susanne (2); Littke, Ralf (3)
1: BGR, Germany; 2: TNO, The Netherlands; 3: RWTH Aachen, Germany
GeoKarlsruhe 2021