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Regional geology: a key for answering questions in geoscience

Regional geology is an essential cornerstone of geoscience, encompassing multiple geological disciplines to study important geological features of a region. The size and the borders of each region are usually defined by distinct geological boundaries and by the occurrence of a specific suite of geologic rock strata. Regional geology is used to solve a wide range of questions in geoscience and provides important information in the search for natural resources. This broad session offers the opportunity to explore the diversity of methods and approaches used to study regional geology and how information about regional geology is made available and transferred to the geoscience community in academia, industry, government, or the public. We welcome contributions on all aspects of geology that contribute to better understanding regional geology on Earth or other terrestrial planets.  


Meinhold, Guido (1,3); Golonka, Jan (2); Kley, Jonas (3); Röhling, Heinz-Gerd (4)
1: Keele University, United Kingdom; 2: AGH University of Science and Technology in Kraków, Poland; 3: University of Göttingen, Germany; 4: DGGV in Berlin, Germany
GeoKarlsruhe 2021