History Geological Association/ Geologische Vereinigung

The Geologische Vereinigung e.V. (GV) was founded on 8th of January in 1910, at the Senckenberg Museum in Frankfurt am Main, at the instigation of Gustav Steinmann.

According to the protocol of the inaugural meeting, Friedrich Heinrich Emanuel Kayser was elected first chairman. Furthermore, Eduard Suess was appointed honorary chairman. Responsibility for the new journal was given to Gustav Steinmann.

GV’s aims were the promotion and spreading of knowledge in the field of geosciences, as well as the discussion of results from current research. The journal published since 1910, the Geologische Rundschau, is published as 'International Journal of Earth Sciences' by the Springer-Verlag Heidelberg since 1993.

Other important aspects of GV’s work were the promotion of young scientists as well as the Geological Archive (Geologen-Archiv) in Freiburg, for which GV was responsible since 1956.

 In 2014, GV had more than 1.600 members from over 60 countries.

In honor of its founding father, the GV awarded the Gustav-Steinmann-Medal to geoscientists for outstanding achievements in the geoscience since 1938. Furthermore, the Hans-Cloos-Prize was given to young scientists from 2000 on.

In 2009, GV established the section sedimentology.

The society’s 100th anniversary was celebrated in 2010 at its founding place, the Senckenberg Museum Frankfurt.

On 1st of January 2015, GV merged with the German Geological Society (DGG) to form today’s DGGV.


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