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DGGV German Geological Society

The German Geological Society – Geological Association (DGGV) is an international, non-profit organization in the geosciences with over 3500 members from more than 64 countries. Prominent founding members of the society, which was established in 1848 in Berlin as the German Geological Society (DGG), included Alexander von Humboldt and Leopold von Buch.


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President Prof. Dr. Martin Meschede


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Each year, the Society awards prizes for outstanding scientific achievements.


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Our library in Potsdam is open to the public


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Leopold-von-Buch’s tomb

Tomb of one of our founding fathers, Leopold von Buch, donation-funded


Association of the four largest geoscientific associations in Germany

Deutsche Geologische Gesellschaft – Geologische Vereinigung e. V. (DGGV)

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