Candidate proposals 2021

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The following candidates are proposed as members of the board: 

Position:                   Suggestion:


     Prof. Dr. Martin Meschede, Univ. Greifswald

Vice president

     Prof. Dr. Andrea Hampel, Univ. Hannover

Vice president

     Prof. Dr. Gianreto Manatschal, Univ. Strasbourg

Vice president

     Prof. Dr. Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth, GFZ Potsdam / RWTH Aachen


     Dr. Heinz-Gerd Röhling, Berlin

Editor IJES

     Prof. Dr. Ulrich Riller, Univ. Hamburg

Editor ZDGG

     Prof. Dr. Jonas Kley, Univ. Göttingen


     Prof. Dr. Olaf Podlaha, Shell Amsterdam

Advisory board

10 positions can be appointed for the advisory board, candidate suggestions include the following:

Iris Arndt (jDGGV), Univ. Frankfurt

Prof. Dr. Bernhard Fügenschuh, Univ. Innsbruck

Dr. Jürgen Grötsch, Shell Den Haag

Prof. Dr. Michael Krautblatter, TUM München

Moritz Lang, (student representative), Univ. Greifswald

Prof. Dr. Ralf Littke, RWTH Aachen

Dr. Karsten Obst, Geological survey, Güstrow

Lena Stark (jDGGV), LGRB Freiburg

Prof. Dr. Claudia Trepmann, Univ. München

Prof. Dr. Ralph Watzel, BGR Hannover

DGGV members can submit their own proposals to the electoral board until 26th July 2021.

  • Binding suggestions have to be signed by at least 20 members
  • In addition, the two persons that are named the most by members can be added to the list of candidates, provided that they are suggested by at least 30 people and have consented to accept their election in case it happens.

Please send your proposals to:

Geschäftsstelle Berlin
Rhinstraße 84
12681 Berlin
Tel. 030-509 640 48

Context Column

Contact election committee:

Deutsche Geologische
Gesellschaft – Geologische
Vereinigung e. V. (DGGV)

Election committee
Office Berlin
Rhinstraße 84
12681 Berlin

Contact person:
Mrs Lara Müller-Ruhe
Tel. 030-509 640 48