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The mission of DGGV is to promote the geosciences in research and teaching, in business and administration, and to publish scientific findings. DGGV communicates ideas and topics of basic and applied research within the scientific community, offers geoscientific expertise for public and economic concerns and promotes international cooperation between scientific organizations, institutions and associations. Active exchange of ideas keeps the scientific community alive. Young and experienced geoscientists profit from this exchange.

DGGV encourages exchange through
The organization of scientific conferences
Support for compact courses
The organization of field trips
The publication of scientific journals

A special concern of DGGV is the promotion of young and highly talented young scientists from all subfields of geology through scholarships. In addition, numerous prizes are awarded each year by the society and its foundations to geoscientists for outstanding scientific achievements. The German Geological Society – Geological Association assumes important tasks as the representative body of the interests of German geologists towards the public, the media and political bodies, as well as in higher education. It considers it its duty to take a stand on problems and changes in the German geosciences and to actively participate in the debate. In doing so, the DGGV closely cooperates with the Professional Association of German Geoscientists (BDG) as the professional representation of German geoscientists. In addition, the DGGV is one of the four supporting societies of the umbrella organization of geosciences (DVGeo). The DVGeo represents an overarching geoscientific association whose goal is the promotion of geosciences and their application in education, their representation in politics and society, and the transfer of knowledge. It was founded on September 3, 2015 in Berlin by the four major geoscientific associations in Germany, DGG, DGGV, DMG and PalGes. DTTG was admitted as an associate member.

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