Date Title Authors
2020 The StraboSpot data system for geological information: An overview Basil Tikoff (1), Julie Newman (2), J Douglas Walker (3), Randy Williams (1) & Vasileios Chatzaras (4)
2020 Petrophysical Evaluation of Nubian Sandstone Reservoir Sarir Field - Southeast Sirt Basin Reema Omar Mohammed
2020 FRAME’s (Forecasting and Assessing Europe’s Strategic Raw Materials Needs) innovative research in mineral raw materials on the eve of the EU’s “Green Deal” Daniel P. S. de Oliveira (1), Maria João Ferreira (1), Martiya Sadeghi (2), Nikolaos Arvanitidis (2), Guillaume Bertrand (3), Sophie Decrée (4), Håvard Gautneb (5), Eric Gloaguen (3), Tuomo Törmänen (6), Helge Reginiussen (2), Henrike Sievers (7), Lídia Quental (2) & Antje Wittenberg (7)
2020 Unraveling Zechstein 3 Anhydrite Structuration and possible implications for Geo-Drilling Hazards Ward Teertstra (1) & Guido Hoetz (2)
2020 Drillcore GT1 of the ICDP Oman Drilling Project: insights into magmatic processes beneath fast-spreading mid-ocean ridges Dominik Mock (1,2), Benoit Ildefonse (2), Dieter Garbe-Schönberg (3), Samuel Müller (3), David Axford Neave (4), Jürgen Koepke (1), Oman Drilling Project Science Team (5)
2020 The WAlps project: Casting new light on scheelite tungsten deposits in the Eastern Alps Florian Altenberger (1), Julia Weilbold (2), Johann G. Raith (1), Albert Schedl (2), Christian Auer (2), Tanja Knoll (2), Holger Paulick (2) & Hassan Neinavaie (3)
2020 Prospectivity mapping of phosphor in Europe; a part of the GEOERA-FRAME project Martiya Sadeghi (1), Guillaume Bertrand (2), Sophie Decree (3), Daniel P. S. de Oliveira (4)
2020 The potential of detrital garnet in UHP research as exemplified by the central Saxonian Erzgebirge Jan Schönig (1), Hilmar von Eynatten (1), Guido Meinhold (1,2) & Keno Lünsdorf (1)
2020 Crust and upper mantle structure of the Ligurian Sea revealed by ambient noise tomography and receiver function analysis Felix Noah Wolf (1), Dietrich Lange (1), Heidrun Kopp (1,2), Anke Dannowski (1), Ingo Grevemeyer (1), Wayne Crawford (3), Martin Thorwart (2), Anne Paul (4), the AlpArray Working Group (5),
2020 Postnatal growth rates of the dwarf hippo Phanourios minor from the Pleistocene of Cyprus Anneke H. van Heteren(1,2,3) & P. Martin Sander (4)
2020 Virtual Fieldtrips in Learning & Development: Geology 4 Non-Geologists - North Sea petroleum systems and reservoir geology, Dorset coast, UK Jürgen Grötsch (1), Young Kon Yong (2) & Maren Kleemeyer (2)
2020 Giant growth in insular fossil dormice Jesse James Hennekam (1), Roger J. Benson (2), Victoria L. Herridge (3), Nathan Jeffery (4), Enric Torres-Roig (5), Josep Antoni Alcover (6) & Philip G. Cox (1,7)
2020 From mountain chains to grains: Tracing Alpine erosion using sedimentary provenance analysis Laura Stutenbecker
2020 Exhumation pulses in the Southern Patagonian Andes (Torres del Paine, 51°S) Nevena Andrić-Tomasevic, Sarah Falkowski, Alireza Aghakhani & Todd A. Ehlers
2020 UN Framework Classification - a tool for Sustainable Resource Management Felix Noah Wolf (1), Dietrich Lange (1), Heidrun Kopp (1,2), Anke Dannowski (1), Ingo Grevemeyer (1), Wayne Crawford (3), Martin Thorwart (2), Anne Paul (4) & the AlpArray Working Group (5)
2020 Coniacian-Santonian ammonites from the Ilam Formation in the Zagros basin, west of Iran Mostafa Aseh
2020 Late Cretaceous-Tertiary tectonic inversion of northeastern Asian continental margin: insight from the low temperature thermochronology in NE China Jianping Zhou (1), Dunkl Dunkl Istvan (1), Yongjiang Liu (2,3), Weimin Li (4) & Hilmar von Eynatten (1)
2020 Raw materials - you can’t do well without them Antje Wittenberg (1), Daniel P. S. de Oliveira (2), Lisbeth lindt Jorgensen (3), F. Javier Gonzalez (4), Henrike Sievers (1), Lídia Quental (2), Aurete Pereira (2), Tom Heldal (5) & David Whitehead (3)
2020 Modelling 2 Phase Flow in Heterogeneous and Anisotropic Rocks using AFRMs Paul William, John Glover, Piroska Lorinczi & Saddam Sinan
2020 Probabilistic Geomodeling: Recent Developments and Relationship to Reality Florian Wellmann (1,2,3), Miguel de la Varga (1,3), Jan von Harten (1,3), Alexander Schaaf (4), Elisa Heim (1,5), Fabian Stamm (3), Zhouji Liang (1,2), Stefan Crummenerl (1), Alexander Jüstel (1,6) & Nilgün Güdük (1)
2020 Reconstruction of high-resolution lake level and its astronomical forcing during the Paleogene Meng Wang (1) & Mingsong Li (2)
2020 Multiphase mass and heat transfer in fractured high-enthalpy geothermal systems Yang Wang (1), Stephan de Hoop (1), Denis Voskov (1,3), David Bruhn (1,2) & Giovanni Bertotti (1)
2020 A new approach for 3d temperatur modelling in areas with sparse data - an example from northern Saxony-Anhalt (Germany) Jacob Wächter, Christian Olaf Müller, Alexander Malz & Klaus-Jörg Hartmann
2020 Neogene kinematics and structural evolution of the eastern Southern Alps (Giudicarie Belt, Northern Italy) Vincent Franciscus Verwater (1), Mark R. Handy (1), Eline Le Breton (1), Vincenzo Picotti (2) & Christian Haberland (3)
2020 Earth science education: How to narrow the gap between Earth science education potential and its low profile in schools? Nir Orion (1) & Clara Vasconcelos (2)
2020 Geoethics and the responsibility of Geoscientist in society: from research to teaching and outreach Clara Vasconcelos (1) & Nir Orion (2)
2020 Subsurface data availability: benchmarking data access arrangements in several Western European countries Eline Van Malderen (1) & Guido Hoetz (2)
2020 Mandibular morphology of Middle Pleistocene cave bears (Ursus deningeri) from Santa Isabel de Ranero-Bear sector Anneke H. van Heteren(1,2,3), Mónica Villalba de Alvarado (4,5), Mikel Arlegi (6,7) & Asier Gómez-Olivencia (6,8,5)
2020 Energy storage in salt caverns: Technical, regulatory and societal challenges from an energy and mining perspective Serge van Gessel (1), Isis van Wetten (1), Gregor Schneider (2) & Ingrid Kroon (1)
2020 A Late Glacial surface rupturing earthquake at the Peel Boundary faultzone, Roer Valley Rift System, and its morhologic response by the Meuse river Ronald Van Balen (1,2), Marcel Bakker (2), Kees Kasse (1), Jakob Wallinga (3) & Hessel Woolderink (1)
2020 Age-depth model derived from borehole logging and seismic data - sedimentological evolution of Lake Ohrid (North Macedonia/Albania) for the last 1 million years Arne Ulfers (1), Christian Zeeden (1), Bernd Wagner (2), Sebastian Krastel (3) & Thomas Wonik (1)
2020 A co-ordinated German approach to non-traditional tertiary geoscience (field) education? Virginia Gail Toy
2020 Application of digital media and interactive technologies in popular palaeontology education Tong Bao (1,2), Hongyi Liu (2), Takashi Ito (2) & Katarzyna S. Walczyńska (2,3)
2020 Phase mixing in the Lanzo upper mantle shear zone (Italy) Sören Tholen & Jolien Linckens
2020 Critical Raw Materials (CRM) potential of Slovenian historical mining sites Klemen Teran
2020 A 5.3-million-year history of monsoonal precipitation in northwestern Australia Jan-Berend Willem Stuut (1,2,3), Patrick De Deckker (4), Mariem Saavedra-Pellitero (2,5), Franck Bassinot (6), Anna Joy Drury (2,7), Maureen Walczak (4,8) & Kana Nagashima (9)
2020 The changing role of Petroleum Geoscietists and Engineers in the Energy Transition Eilard Hoogerduijn Strating
2020 Virtual Fieldtrips in Shell Learning and Development: Carbonates in Oman Mia Steenwinkel (1) & Young Kon Yong (2)
2020 Alpine lithospheric strength and its relation to seismicity distribution Cameron Spooner(1,2), Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth (1,3) & Mauro Cacace (1)
2020 VIRTUAL GEOLOGY FROM THE LAB TO THE FIELD Meije Sibbel, Ernst Willingshofer, Meije Sibbel, Richard Wessels & Oliver Plümper
2020 Impact of Geological Conditions and Constructional Features on Indoor Radon Julija Shommet, Rein Koch & Leena Paap
2020 Quantifying grain-contact and grain-volume stress-strain fields in simulated sandstone: a high-resolution FEM approach Takahiro Shinohara, Cedric A.P. Thieulot and Suzanne J.T. Hangx
2020 Basaltic Dykes and xenoliths from the Kiama-Gerroa Region, New South Wales, Australia Samar Usamah Abu Shamma (1), Ian Graham (1), Paul Lennox (1) & Glen Bann (2)
2020 Interplay of deposition and soil formation in an Upper Triassic playa landscape Wolfgang Schirmer
2020 Pore Detection and modelling with Deep Neural Networks Christoph Schettler
2020 Parameters for the design of HDD installed power cables in soil and rock Ingo Sass (1,2), Maximilian Eckhardt (1) & Markus Schedel (1,2)
2020 Deformation mechanisms in shallow-crustal active fault zones: Implications from the Main Frontal Thrust of Himalayas Dyuti Prakash Sarkar (1), Jun-ichi Ando (1), Kaushik Das (1), Gautam Ghosh (2) & Prabir Dasgupta (3)
2020 The most ancient platanistid: An insight into the early evolutionary history of the dolphin group Catalina Sanchez-Posada (1,2), Michael Krings (2,1) & Gertrud Rössner (2,1)
2020 Tectonic controls on the geomorphic evolution of alluvial fans adjacent to the Kouhbanan fault in Iran Shirin Salari(1), Reza Derakhshani (1,2), Ahmad Abbasnejad (1), Shahram Shafieibafti (1), Jafar Rahnamarad (3) & Ali Mehrabi (4)
2020 Applications of virtual reality to Geoscience Claudia Ruiz-Graham
2020 High-resolution 3D geological modelling for water safety: the story of the Lek River dike Romée Kars, Renée de Bruijn, Willem Dabekaussen, Bart Meijninger & Jan Stafleu
2020 Did volcanoes erupting in estuaries (Moodies Group, Barberton Greenstone Belt, BGB) serve as microbiological cradles during the Archean? Deon Janse van Rensburg (1), Sebastian Reimann (2), Christoph Heubeck (1), Andreas Zametzer (2) & Paul Fugmann (3)
2020 Stratigraphic gaps and durations of the carbon isotope events during the Middle-Late Ordovician in Yichang, South China Chuan zhen Ren (1,2), Qiang Fang (1,2) & Huaichun Wu (1,2)
2020 How scarce is our water? An analysis of the present and future world water situation Randolf Rausch
2020 Resolving Meter-Scale Interwell Depositional Heterogeneities for Improved 3D Reservoir Modelling - High Resolution 3D Photogrammetry and Geophysical Outcrop Surveys of Late-Jurassic Reservoir Rocks, Saudi Arabia Ahmad Ihsan Ramdani (1), Pankaj Khanna (1), Gaurav Gariola (1), Sherif Hanafy (2) & Volker Vahrenkamp (1)
2020 Exploring flooded mines with UNEXUP Márcio Tameirão Pinto & Luís Lopes
2020 Studying glacial/interglacial cycles from downhole logging data: an application to the ICDP drilling project Lake Junín, Peru Simona Pierdominici (1), Christian Zeeden (2), Jochem Kück (1), Donald Rodbell (3) & Marc Abbott (4)
2020 Milankovitch-scale paleoclimatic variability recorded in Permian loessite (south-central France) Lily S. Pfeifer (1), Linda Hinnov (2), Christian Zeeden (3), Christian Rolf (3) & Christian Laag (3,4)
2020 Lithium exploration, geologic modelling, resource estimation and mine planning for a spodumene-bearing pegmatite deposit in Ontario, Canada Stephan Peters, Florian Lowicki, Ernst Bernhard Teigler, Torsten Gorka, Florian Beier & Jana Rechner
2020 First interpretation of mantle structure in the Alps-Apennines-Carpathian-Pannonian region from teleseismic Vp studies Marcel Paffrath (1), Mark R. Handy (2), Stefan M. Schmid (3) & Wolfgang Friederich (1)
2020 Decadal sea surface temperature variability in the Eastern Mediterranean during the Last Interglacial Igor Obreht (1), David De Vleeschouwer (1), Lars Wörmer (1), Michal Kucera (1), Devika Varma (1), Thomas Laepple (1,2), Jenny Wendt (1), Matthias Prange (1), Sri D. Nandini-Weiss (1), Hartmut Schulz (3) & Kai-Uwe Hinrichs (1)
2020 Wadi deposits of the Rotliegend revisited – key to unravel reservoir geometries in the Base Rotliegend of the Dutch-German border area Marita Felder (1), Camille Burgess (2) & Bert Clever(2)
2020 Monitoring land subsidence and determining its relationship with groundwater abstraction using PS-InSAR method, Case study of Rafsanjan plain, Iran Ali Mehrabi (1) & Reza Derakhshani (1,2)
2020 Tourism at Historic Mining Sites in Europe Eoin McGrath, Tim Workman & Des Johnston
2020 Virtual fieldwork in the Sorbas basin, Betic Cordillera, SE Spain Liviu Matenco, Meije Sibbel & Hans de Bresser
2020 Indentation and transfer of deformation between different orogenic systems: the greater Adria - Pannonian - Carpathians system Liviu Ciprian Matenco & Douwe van Hinsbergen
2020 Barite precipitation was associated with low temperature hydrothermal venting in the 3.2 Ga Mapepe Formation, Barberton Greenstone Belt Paul Mason (1), Desiree Roerdink (2) & Dylan Wylmeth (3)
2020 Cenozoic Mass Transport Deposits in the Northern Dutch Offshore: Anatomy and Implications revealed by HiRes Seismic Mapping Alex Marks (1) & Guido Hoetz (2)
2020 Efficiency of CO2 storage in saline aquifers using foam co-injection Xiaocong Lyu (1), Denis Voskov (1,2) & William Rossen (1)
2020 Dislocation creep flow laws of wet quartzite: the significance of pressure and slip systems Lucy Lu (1) & Dazhi Jiang
2020 The ROBOMINERS approach to mining small and difficult to access deposits Luís Lopes
2020 IRIS Online (Interactive Raw Materials Information System) of Austria Piotr Lipiarski (1), Leopold Weber (2), Albert Schedl (1) & Heinz Reitner (1),
2020 Alterations at the post-Variscan nonconformity: implications of Permo-Carboniferous surface weathering and burial diagenesis (Sprendlinger Horst, Germany) Fei Liang (1), Jun Niu (2), Adrian Linsel (1), Matthias Hinderer (1), Dirk Scheuvens (1) & Rainer Petschick (3)
2020 Astronomically forced sphalerite growth circulation in the Upper Mississippi Valley District, USA Mingsong Li & Hubert Barnes
2020 Understanding morphological variation of the elbow joint in the Ursidae: Insights from 3D Geometric Morphometrics Samuel, Joseph Leeming (1,2), John, A Nyakatura (3) & Anneke, H van Heteren (2,4,5)
2020 Landslide susceptibility mapping on the country scale with data mining techniques in Armenia Agnieszka Ledworowska (1), Anika Braun (1), Hans-Balder Havenith (2) & Tomás Manuel Fernández-Steeger (1)
2020 Astronomical climate forcing of ~2.5 Ga banded iron formations Margriet L. Lantink (1), Joshua H. F. L. Davies (2,3), Rick Hennekam (4), Frederik J. Hilgen (1), David McB. Martin (5), Paul R. D. Mason (1), Gert-Jan Reichart (1,4) & Urs Schaltegger (2)
2020 Trace-element characteristics of the Buck Reef Chert (Barberton, S. Africa) Naomi Soraya Lamers, Kirsten van Zuilen & Pieter Vroon
2020 Orbital and glacial/interglacial forcing reflected by integrated environmental magnetic and colorimetric parameters of a loess-palaeosol sequence in the middle Danubian Basin for the last 430 ka Christian Laag (1,2,3), Christian Zeeden(2), Ulrich Hambach (3,4), , Mladjen Jovanovic (5) and Slobodan Marković (5,6)
2020 Reducing exhumation uncertainties in basin modelling: Source rock maturation history of the Southern Chotts Basin, Central Tunisia Jos Kwakman, Pierre-Olivier Bruna & Giovanni Bertotti
2020 Effect of deformation localization on the anisotropy of magnetic susceptibility in natural shear zone Vladimír Kolář Kusbach, Matěj Machek &Zuzana Roxerová
2020 Impact of Freeze-Thaw Cycles on hydraulic conductivity of Borehole Heat Exchangers Jan-Henrik Kupfernagel (1,2), Jan Christopher Hesse (2), Bastian Welsch (2), Markus Schedel (2), Ingo Sass (2) & Lutz Müller (1)
2020 Digital fieldtrip into the Vulkaneifel Unesco Global Geopark (Germany) Sabine Kummer(1), Andreas Schüller (3) & Gösta Hoffmann (1,2)
2020 European Minerals Inventory as part of the Mineral Intelligence for Europe Špela Kumelj(1), Jasna Šinigoj (1), Duška Rokavec (1), Andrej Vihtelič (1), Lisbeth Flindt Jørgensen (2) & David Whitehead (2)
2020 Quantification of geogenic arsenic in clay-plug sediment of Holocene floodplains Santosh Kumar (1), Devanita Ghosh (2), Marinus Eric Donselaar (1,3), Floortje Burgers (1) & Ashok Kumar Ghosh (4)
2020 Recrystallization and deformation mechanisms in the NEEM deep ice core, Greenland Ernst-Jan Kuiper (1), Martyn Drury (1), Gill Pennock (1), Hans de Bresser (1) & Ilka Weikusat (2)
2020 Geology - Where? - Horizon Europe and possible approaches to research opportunities in the EU Andreas Nikolaus Küppers,
2020 Next step 'become a geologist'? Practical approach to senior high school education in geosciences Andreas Nikolaus Küppers
2020 North Atlantic sea surface temperature evolution across the Eocene–Oligocene transition Ilja Japhir Kocken (1), Kasper van der Veen (1), Inigo R. Müller (1), Anna Nele Meckler (2) & Martin Ziegler (1)
2020 An anatectic model for albite-spodumene pegmatites from the Austroalpine Unit (Eastern Alps) Tanja Knoll (1), Benjamin Huet (1), Ralf Schuster (1) & Heinrich Mali (2)
2020 Insights on the evolution of the Himalayas and Tibet from thermomechanical modelling: the role of long-term convergence Ben S. Knight, Fabio A. Capitanio & Roberto F. Weinberg
2020 Living landscapes in the lab, virtually and in real life: causation and a feeling for what happens in research, education and societal impact Maarten G Kleinhans
2020 Virtual field trip to Late Jurassic Carbonates of Central Saudi Arabia Pankaj Khanna, Ahmad Ihsan Ramdani, Gaurav Siddharth Gairola & Volker Vahrenkamp
2020 Mineralogical characterization of podiform chromitite deposit in the Eastern Mirdita Ophiolite, Albania Malte Junge (1), Ann-Christin Kolb (2), Antje Wittenberg (3), Henrike Sievers (3), Dashamir Gega (4) & Kujitim Onuzi (5)
2020 Increasing the knowledge base for Deep Geothermal Energy Exploration in the Aachen-Weisweiler area, Germany, through 3D probabilistic modeling with GemPy Alexander Magnus Juestel (1), Florian Wellmann (1), Frank Strozyk (2) & Miguel De La Varga (1)
2020 Towards a sediment budget of Permo-Triassic successions in the Central European Basin - implications for terrestrial perturbations around the Permian-Triassic Boundary (PTB) Maryam Mansouri & Matthias Hinderer
2020 UN Framework Classification - a tool for Sustainable Resource Management Zoltán Horváth (1), Daniel de Oliveira (2), Kari Aslaksen Aasly (3), Mark Simoni (3), Lisbeth Flindt Jørgensen (4), David Whitehead (4), Antje Wittenberg (5), Ulrich Kral (6), Charlotte Griffiths (7), Harikrishnan Tulsidas (7) & Slavko Solar (8)
2020 Inherited Tectonics and the Control on Late Devonian Deposition in the Intracratonic Williston Basin, USA and Canada Michael H. Hofmann
2020 A virtual field tour of the Jurassic Coast, NE England David Hodgetts
2020 THM Experiment for the Investigation of Freeze-Thaw Processes in Unconsolidated Rock and Geotechnical Grouts Jan Christopher Hesse (1,2), Jan-Henrik Kupfernagel (3), Markus Schedel (1,2), Bastian Welsch (1,2), Lutz Müller (3) & Ingo Sass (1,2)
2020 Natural stone resources and sustainability Tom Heldal (1) & Jorge Carvalho (2)
2020 Landslide models and Dam sites visualised in VR Hans-Balder Havenith
2020 Assessing sediment accumulation at inundated anthropogenic marshland in the southern North Sea: Using turbidity measurements and particle tracking Ingo Jürgen Hache (1), Sebastian Niehüser (2), Volker Karius (1), Arne Arns (3) & Hilmar von Eynatten (1)
2020 Characterizing sediment dewatering and fluid flow in accretionary systems – A rock magnetic approach on the example of IODP Site U1518 Annika Greve (1), Myriam Kars (2), Mark J. Deckers (1) & Michael Stipp (3)
2020 Technological Innovations for more Efficient Mineral Resource Exploration Torsten Gorka
2020 Roots of the post-collisional Eocene magmatism in NE Turkey: Insights from ultramafic-mafic Yıldızdağ Gabbroic Intrusion Gönenç Göçmengil (1), Zekiye Karacık (2) & Namık Aysal (3)
2020 Active engagement of students by means of class exercises Hans de Bresser,
2020 Orbital forcing of Triassic megamonsoon activity documented in lacustrinesediments from Ordos Basin, China Runjian Chu (1), Huaichun Wu (1), Rukai Zhu (2) & Qiang Fang (1)
2020 Balancing the oceans alkalinity budget by physical weathering of carbonate rocks Gerrit Müller, Jack Middelburg & Appy Sluijs
2020 Sending scientists into classrooms: The online platform “Forschungsbörse” linking schools with active research scientists Jörg Geldmacher (1), Sylke Hlawatsch (2) & Franziska Neumann (3)
2020 Unraveling sub-seismic interwell-scale facies heterogeneity of Late Jurassic Arab D Member - Clues from outcrop analogue study to develop high-resolution reservoir models Ward Teertstra (1), Guido Hoetz (2)
2020 Thermal memory of sedimentary basins: case study from the Central European Basin System Maximilian Frick (1), Mauro Cacace (1), Uwe Mikolajewicz (2) & Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth (1,3)
2020 A scientific journey through geo-ecological extremes – landscape dynamics at the lower Danube between the Black Sea and the Carpathian Volcanoes Markus Finke (1), Ulrich Hambach (2) & Mihai Orleanu (3)
2020 Preliminary cyclostratigraphy on planktonic foraminifera from IODP-Hole U1406A Alessio Fabbrini (1), Luca Foresi (2) & Fabrizio Lirer (3)
2020 Preliminary results of in situ trace elements analyses of base metal sulfides from the sediment-hosted Dolostone Ore Formation (DOF) copper-cobalt deposit, northwestern Namibia Viktor Bertrandsson Erlandsson (1), Rainer Ellmies (2), Frank Melcher (1), Daniela Wallner (1) & Johann Raith (1)
2020 Felsic veins in gabbros drilled by IODP at Atlantis Bank (Southwest Indian Ridge; Expedition 360): Formation, metamorphism and their role for fluid and mass transfer: first results Artur Engelhardt, Jürgen Koepke & François Holtz
2020 Investigating seasonal mobility of Irish Giant Deer Megaloceros giganteus (Blumenbach, 1799) through intra-tooth multi-isotope analysis David S. Douw (1) & Tom J. Giltaij (1,2)
2020 New insights in the Late Pliocene and Early Pleistocene vegetation and climate stratigraphy of NW Europe Timme Henrik Donders (1), Alexander Houben (2), Cohen Kim (1), Ding Hao (1), Krom Lisanne (1), Busschers Freek (2), Dearing Crampton-Flood Emily (3), Verreussel Roel (2) & Peterse Francien (1)
2020 Quartz ballen structures and related cristobalite in impact breccias from the Ries crater, Germany, formed from dehydration of impact-generated diaplectic silicaglass Fabian Dellefant (1), Claudia A. Trepmann (1), Melanie Kaliwoda (2), Kai-Uwe Hess (1), Wolfgang W. Schmahl (1,2) & Stefan Hölzl (3)
2020 Using Artificial Intelligence for Disaster Management Providing Relief Niteesh Kumar Upadhyay (1) & Rathee Mahak (2)
2020 Southeastern Atlantic deep-sea warmth across two early Eocene transient global warming events Tobias Agterhuis, Martin Ziegler, Lucas J. Lourens,
2020 Geometric morphometric analysis of potential hybridisation between cave bears (Ursus spelaeus) and brown bears (Ursus arctos) in the late Pleistocene. Stefan Dehos (1) & Anneke H. van Heteren(1,2,3),
2020 A risk-based containment monitoring framework for long term geological CO2 storage Marcella Dean, Sara Minisini & Steve Oates
2020 Influence of initial preferred orientations on strain localisation and fold patterns in non-linear viscous anisotropic materials Tamara de Riese (1), Paul D. Bons, Enrique Gomez-Rivas (2), Albert Griera (3), Maria-Gema Llorens (4) & Ilka Weikusat (5)
2020 Lithospheric architecture from amphibious AlpArray data across the Ligurian Basin Anke Dannowski (1), Martin Thorwart (2), Heidrun Kopp (1,2), Grazia Caielli (3), Roberto de Franco (3), Ingo Grevemeyer (3), Dietrich Lange (1), Felix Wolf (1), Wayne Crawford (4), Anne Paul (5), Wayne Crawford (4), M'SM71 cruise participants (6), AlpArray Working Group (6),
2020 Integrated geological and gravity modelling to improve 3D model harmonization - Methods and benefits for the Saxony-Anhalt/Brandenburg cross-border region (North German Basin) Christian Olaf Mueller, Jacob Waechter & Alexander Malz
2020 Think or Sink: unravelling anthropogenic causes of subsidence with a hybrid AI approach Thibault G.G. Candela (1), Joana C. Esteves Martins (2), Peter A. Fokker (1), Aris Lourens (3), Willem Dabekaussen (3), Wilfred F.J. Visser (4), Erik A.F. Langius (5), Madelon S. Molhoek (6), Matthias S. Fath (6), Andrei Bocin-Dumitriu (3) & Kay Koster (3)
2020 Modelling of fault slip: beyond Mohr-Coulomb? Mauro Cacace (1), Guido Blöcher, Antoine B. Jacquey (2), Hannes Hofmann (1), Arno Zang (1), Günter Zimmermann (1), Oliver Heidbach (1), Christian Kluge (1) & Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth (1,3)
2020 Virtual field trip to seismic scale outcrops of the Triassic, Edgeøya, Svalbard Simon John Buckley (1), Kari Ringdal (1), Isabelle Lecomte (2), Ingrid M. Anell (3) & Alvar Braathen (3)
2020 V3Geo: A platform for sharing virtual 3D geoscience models Simon John Buckley (1), John Anthony Howell (2), Nicole Naumann (1), Kari Ringdal (1), Joris Vanbiervliet (1), Bowei Tong (1), Conor Lewis (1), Gail Maxwell (2) & Magda Chmielewska (2)
2020 A novel Augmented Reality Sandbox for Outreach and Education in Geoscience Daniel Escallón Botero (1), Simon Virgo (1,2) & Florian Wellmann (1,2)
2020 Assessing the potential impact of fractures on heat extraction from tight Triassic reservoirs in the West Netherlands Basin Quinten Diede Boersma (1), Pierre Olivier Bruna (1), Stephan de Hoop (1), Francesco Vinci(2), Ali Moradi Tehrani (3) & Giovanni Bertotti (3)
2020 Numeric calculation of the arithmetic mean for the particle size - its advantage over the phi scale Ludwig Biermanns
2020 A multiscale numerical modelling investigation of quartz CPO variation due to flow partitioning Ankit Bhandari & Dazhi Jiang
2020 Fractures, fluids and hypogenic karsts: key features in carbonate reservoirs and aquifers Giovanni Bertotti (1) & Stephan de Hoop (2)
2020 Not only beautiful crystals - Alpine-type fissures in the light of quartz fluid inclusion, structural and monazite age data Christian A. Bergemann (1), Edwin Gnos (2), Joseph Mullis, Emmanuelle Ricchi (4), Emilie Janots (5), Alfons Berger (6)
2020 A numerical sensitivity study of how permeability, porosity, geological structure, and background hydraulic gradient control the lifetime of a geothermal reservoir Johanna Frederike Bauer (1), Michael Krumbholz (2), Elco Luijendijk (3)
2020 Morphotectonic analysis of the drainage basins on the western border of Lut Desert Raziye Bashiri (1), Farzaneh Hashemi (2), Reza Derakhshani (1,2), Shahram Shafieibafti (1)
2020 Where and why: using a structural framework to contextualise and improve the understanding of processes leading to mineral occurrences Renata Barros (1), Shandro Mellaerts (2), Michiel Van Herck (2) & Kris Piessens (1)
2020 Deep geothermal potentials of Hesse as derived from geological 3D models and thermo-hydraulic simulations Nora Koltzer (1), Judith Bott (1), Kristian Bär (2), Maximilian Frick (1), Mauro Cacace (1) & Magdalena Scheck-Wenderoth (1)
2020 The Kohlenkalk of the Rhenohercynian Basin: a hydrothermal reservoir for North Rhine-Westphalia and North-West Europe Martin Arndt, Tobias Fritschle, Martin Salamon & Anna Thiel
2020 The mandibular morphology of the Middle Pleistocene brown bear mandible from Postes cave (Spain) within the European Ursus arctos (LINNAEUS, 1758) morphological variation Mónica Villalba de Alvarado (1,2), Asier Gómez Olivencia (3,4,1), Hipólito Collado Giraldo (5), Juan Luis Arsuaga Ferreras (1,6) & Anneke van Heteren (7,8,9);
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