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The Junge DGGV (“Young DGGV”, JDGGV) is a newly founded group of young geoscientists within the DGGV, bringing together students, young professionals, as well as doctoral students and postdocs. There is no precise age limit. Instead, all young scientists and young professionals are invited to participate. The group’s aim is to foster networking to exchange experiences and to facilitate the entry into the world of geosciences. Here, we dedicate ourselves to typical questions that young geoscientists are facing during their early careers as well as to the planning of various projects and events for professional knowledge transfer or just for fun.

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Island Exkursion 2022
Island Exkursion 2022
27. September 2022 - 11. October 2022 | Ganztägig
Liebe Island-Interessierte, es ist wieder soweit. Auch in diesem Jahr unternimmt die Fachsektion Geoinformatik der DGGV, unterstützt von der DGG, vom 27.09. – 11.10. eine 15-tägige Exkursion nach Island. Nach 2 Jahren pandemiegeprägter Randbedingungen können wir in diesem Jahr auf ein unbeschwerteres Reisen hoffen. Gleichzeitig stellen uns nun aber die ...
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7. October 2022 - 16. October 2022 | Ganztägig Tirana
07. bis 16. 10.2022 Exkursionsablauf: Exkursionsablauf Tag (07.10.2022): Ankunft in Tirana Tag (08.10.2022): Fahrtroute Tirana – Puka Tag (09.10.2022): Fahrtroute Puka– Shkoder Tag (10.10.2022): Fahrtroute Shkodra – Pogradec Tag (11.10.2022): Fahrtroute Pogradec-Korce-Berat Tag (12.10.2022): Fahrtroute Berat-Gjirokaster Tag (13.10.2022): Fahrtroute Gjirokastra– Saranda Tag (14.10.2022): Fahrtroute Sarande – Vlora Tag (15.10.2022): Fahrtroute ...
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German Geological Society

The German Geological Society (DGGV) is an international non-profit organization in the geosciences with more than 3,600 members from more than 64 countries. The mission of DGGV is to promote the geosciences in research and education, in business and government, and to publish scientific findings.

The Society is represented by its president, the executive committee and an advisory board; the interests of the student members are represented by a student member of the advisory board. The DGGV honors outstanding achievements in research and in the communication of scientific findings with various awards and prizes.

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