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GeoParks in Germany

The German Geoparks Working Group (AdG – Arbeitsgemeinschaft deutscher Geoparks) represents the interests of the geoparks located in Germany. It works as advisory board for discussion and exchange of topics among geoparks and as platform for joint communication, advertising and marketing strategies. Members are all the National GeoParks in Germany, including the cross-border geoparks. Geopark initiatives seeking for the National GeoPark’s certification have the opportunity to become associate members. Organizationally and scientifically, the AdG is affiliated with the Geotopes and GeoParks Section of the German Geological Society – Geological Association (DGGV – Deutschen Geologischen Gesellschaft – Geologischen Vereinigung e.V.). Admission to the DGGV is a prerequisite for membership in the AdG, in addition to payment of an annual membership fee and participation in the twice-yearly meetings.

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Karte der UNESCO Global Geoparks, der Nationalen Geoparks sowie der Geopark-Initiativen in Deutschland (blaue Punkte) (Quelle: GeoUnion)

Map of the UNESCO Global Geoparks, the National Geoparks as well as the Geoparks initiatives (blue dots) in Germany (source: GeoUnion).

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