Dear members and friends of DGGV,

Leopold von Buch was a geologist and is considered one of the most important representatives of his discipline in the 19th century. Long before the foundation of the German Empire, he and Alexander von Humboldt were among the 13 founding fathers of the German Geological Society (DGG), as it was called back then, today’s German Geological Society – Geological Association (DGGV).

As the first chairman of the DGG, he made his mark.

Leopold von Buch was the scion of a noble family known far beyond the region of the Uckermark since the Middle Ages and one of the internationally outstanding geologists of his time.

Christian Leopold Baron von Buch
* April 26, 1774 in Stolpe an der Oder, † March 4, 1853 in Berlin.

The Society’s board of directors and advisory board decided several years ago to acquire the family gravesite of its founding father, Leopold von Buch, to restore it, and to develop it into a memorial.

We have set up a special account for donations and endowments. Thereby, the LvB foundation is established and the financial basis created to save up a finalcial basis as well as for fiancing immediately necessary work.

Please, help us with your donation or endowment to maintain this important place for all geologists and to keep it accessible for visitors from all over the world. We would be very pleased if you contribute!

With best regards and ‘Glück auf‘!


Heinz-Gerd Röhling,           Andreas N. Küppers
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