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Here you will find forms if you want to give us a SEPA mandate or enter your credit card details. In addition, below you have the annual dues all at a glance and can read the statutes of our association.

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Further membership information

International Journal of Earth Sciences (IJES) and German Journal of Geology (ZDGG)

For members of the German Geological Society – Geological Association (DGGV), the annual subscription includes free online access to one of the two scientific journals (either ZDGG or IJES). For online access to the second journal, personal members pay a surcharge of 20 €. If you would like to receive a printed copy of one or both journals, there is an annual surcharge of 22 € per journal for members (for more information see the subscription table).

Geowissenschaftliche Mitteilungen

In addition, every member receives the Geowissenschaftliche Mitteilungen (GMit) four times a year, in which news and interesting facts are reported from the German Society for Geosciences, its specialist sections, from universities and geological services as well as from other societies of the solid earth. Reports from professional meetings, new projects and trends in geoscientific research, from the economy as well as from geoscientific museums can be found as well as educational and professional issues and student news. Personalia, book reviews and the current international conference calendar complete the information. Every member or anyone interested in geoscience can express his or her opinion on current topics and actively participate in the life of their geological society.

Joined membership DGGV-DMG

In the course of the cooperation between the DGGV and the Deutsche Mineralogische Gesellschaft (DMG), personal members can acquire a dual membership in both societies.

Our membership fee is slightly lower if you are also a member of the DMG – but each society charges its share of the fee separately, i.e. you then pay your annual fee to us according to the tariff classification and to the DMG their fee, the amount of which you can see on the DMG website.


The DGGV library is available to every member either at its location at the University of Potsdam or by mail order and interlibrary loan. Due to the continuous development of the library since 1848 and the active exchange with about 300 exchange partners from all over the world, the library of the DGGV has a unique spectrum of journals and monographs, altogether almost 100,000 volumes, additionally numerous maps. In addition, dissertations and postdoctoral theses from German-speaking countries are collected. On the Internet, the holdings can already be searched step by step around the globe.

Annual General Meeting

As a member of the DGGV you are cordially invited to participate in the annual general meetings held in September/October. Here, the latest results of geoscientific research are presented in the form of lectures, posters, workshops and excursions. Present your research results here to an interested audience of teachers, researchers and professionals! The best presentations of young scientists will be awarded.

Bonus for students

Participation in these conferences is reduced for students; in addition, student members receive travel allowances in an unbureaucratic manner.


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