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River Mouth Systems and Marginal Seas – Natural drivers and human impacts

Online Conference

05. December 2022 – 07. December 2022
Open call for abstracts until 7 November 2022!

Representatives of scientific disciplines working on the complexity of processes in river mouth systems and marginal seas, e.g. earth and life scientists, climatologists, archaeologists, historians, socio-economists, modelers and IT specialists, are invited to our online conference to jointly discuss the effects of climate change and anthropogenic activities in the area of densely populated river mouth systems on the marine and coastal environment. Oral contributions are welcome!
Online via Zoom
Session 1: Climate change and River mouth systems
Session 2: Human activities and environmental impacts from the past to the future
Session 3: Proxy-records and modern observations
Session 4: Advanced data management and modeling
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5. Dezember 2022 - 7. Dezember 2022

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