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A virtual field tour of the Jurassic Coast, NE England

The geological exposures of the Jurassic Coast of North East England cover a variety of depositional systems, from both continental and marine settings, and provide an excellent opportunity for field training. In this virtual field tour, we will visit several localities along the Yorkshire coast. Starting at Staithes we will look at the Middle Liassic Cleveland Ironstone Formation before proceeding south to Whitby for the alluvial sandstone of the Saltwick Formation. The exposures at Whitby comprise multi-storey sand bodies of fine- to medium-grained sandstone deposited in the hanging-wall of the Whitby fault and shows many different geological features at a variety of scales. After journeying south, travelling up stratigraphy and past the fractured mudstones of Saltwick Nab, we will arrive at the exposures of Long Nab, and the Long Nab Member of the Scalby Formation. Here we will see an exhumed meander plane, usually only visible at low tide, showing both planform and vertical sections. We will round off the excursion by travelling further south to Flamborough Head to look at the Late Cretaceous Chalks, with extensive faulting and fracturing, marl layers, stylolites and fault breccia. The data for this virtual fieldtrip is assembled from a variety of sources including photogrammetric models collected both by Drone/UAV and by handheld camera, and lidar derived digital elevation data. The field trip itself will be run using Virtual Reality Geological Studio (VRGS) from VRGeoscience Limited (


David Hodgetts
VRGeoscience Limited, United Kingdom
GeoUtrecht 2020