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Action Plan „Digitalization of the Swiss Geological Subsurface“ 2022 – 2029

A coordinated and effective use of the subsurface requires in-depth knowledge and easily accessible and uniformly described data. The 2022 Action Plan supports the securing of future investments in the subsurface through the provision of structured and harmonized digital geological data.

The efficient use of geological data in Switzerland is hindered by these factors: 1) Existing data sets are neither completely available in digital form, nor comprehensive, nor harmonized; 2) Uniform access to federal and cantonal data is lacking; 3) Information systems for 3D visualization and analysis of geological and non-specialist (geo-referenced) data are being developed.

In the future, the main benefit of geoinformation will be generated from the improvement of efficiency in the processing of existing data and from increased data quality, not from new products. The action plan starts here and defines these fields of action: Standards, Harmonization, Production and Access. In doing so, it is aligned with various strategies and policy areas. The digitalization called for in the action plan will facilitate the exchange and use of geological data and improve their availability. A coordinated approach with the most important national data owners is in focus, as is the use of new technologies.

The success of the action plan will be measured after completion by the state of digitization of analog archives as well as the achieved standardization, harmonization and completion of geological data and models throughout Switzerland.

The presentation will highlight the background, scope, ongoing implementation and future of the action plan using practical examples.


Roland Baumberger1
1Federal Office of Topography swisstopo - Swiss Geological Survey
GeoBerlin 2023