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Development of a water storage toolbox for surface-induced managed groundwater recharge

Water stress is increasing in Northeast Germany due to climate change. New approaches for water management are needed to mitigate the impacts on the water system and water users. Therefore, our study deals with the development of a web-based toolbox for subsurface water storage with focus on the lower catchment of the river Spree in the federal state of Brandenburg.

Our approach is based on a systematic combination of site selection criteria and spatial data on land use, soil, groundwater and potential water sources. This will provide relevant information for the preliminary planning of managed groundwater recharge measures by authorities and water suppliers. Considering surpluses from runoff and surface waters, also caused by extreme weather events, suitable locations for surface-induced recharge will be identified.  

Supported by additional modelling-based indications for implementation, efficiency and costs, as well as simplified site selection through a query system, the toolbox will offer an initial knowledge for such planning considerations.


Jan Stautzebach1, Jörg Steidl1, Christoph Merz1
1Leibniz-Zentrum für Agrarlandschaftsforschung (ZALF) e.V., Germany
GeoBerlin 2023