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Large-scale quantification

GEOROC is a leading open-access source of geochemical and isotopic datasets and has facilitated thousands of peer-reviewed publications and new avenues of geochemical research. The new Digital Geochemistry Infrastructure (DIGIS) concept of GEOROC 2.0, an integral part of the NFDI4Earth initiative, will continue and enhance the existing data collection by generating a connected platform that meets future challenges of digital data-based research and provides advanced service to the community. Our approach is to (1) realign GEOROC with current and future demands in digital geochemical research, especially regarding FAIR (findable, accessible, interoperable, reusable) principles; (2) provide this service with future-ready, adaptable IT infrastructure; and (3) identify, develop and recommend good-practice rules for the curation of physical samples linked to the GEOROC 2.0 platform. DIGIS will implement an interoperable metadata model as well as data and metadata exchange via standardised application interfaces (APIs). The scientific development of GEOROC 2.0 and the re-organisation of its IT infrastructure will enable a more diverse range of geochemical data, improving integration in other research disciplines such as soil science, remote sensing, and archaeometry. The DIGIS concept for GEOROC 2.0 includes open access to end-to-end text and data mining, integration of IGSNs and data DOIs, multi-way data harvesting capabilities, and state-of-the-art connectivity to other databases. By ensuring continued open access to a FAIR database, DIGIS aims to facilitate sustainability in future Environmental and Earth Science research.


Marthe Klöcking1, Bärbel Sarbas2, Wolfram Horstmann3, Stefan Möller-McNett1, Jens Nieschulze4, Caroline Sporleder5, Matthias Willbold1, Gerhard Wörner1
1Geoscience Centre (GZG), Göttingen University; 2Max Planck Institute for Chemistry, Mainz; 3Göttingen State and University Library Services (SUB); 4eResearch Alliance, Göttingen University; 5Institute of Computer Science & Göttingen Centre for Digital Humanities
GeoKarlsruhe 2021