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Earth sciences for schoolchildren in the Museum Mineralogia Munich

The Museum Mineralogia München is the public part of the Mineralogische Staatssammlung München (MSM). The aim of the MSM is to provide knowledge transfer in natural science subjects, i.e. especially in the field of geosciences. The MSM has been trying to fulfill this task for over 16 years and has thus also gained a great deal of experience in the teaching-learning field. Since the geosciences are unfortunately not a school subject, but geoscientific topics are becoming more and more relevant for socio-political concerns, it is important to sensitize and inspire children and young people for the geosciences at an early age.
We offer a variety of activities: (1) volcanism, (2) the cycle of rocks, (3) meteorites, (4) the construction of a smartphone. In addition, special exhibitions on various geoscientific topics are included in the projects. In addition, there is a network with other science laboratories for schoolchildren both in Munich (Muc-Labs) and throughout Germany (LeLa). Participation, for example, in Girls' Day, Science Days (Forscha) or the Children's Culture Summer, as well as projects with other museums also strengthen the reach. In addition to national projects, international work (e.g. with Austria, Italy, Norway) is also carried out. As a further concept, internships are also offered to school students. In addition, the Mineralogische Staatssammlung München has successfully participated in two funded programs on ease-Corona (BMBF - catching up after Corona). In particular, children and adolescents with Corona- and Lock down-induced learning deficits should be supported.


Melanie Kaliwoda1, Malte Junge1, Felix Hentschel1, Wolfgang Schmahl1
1Mineralogical State Collection Munich, Germany
GeoBerlin 2023