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From portals to hubs, dashboards and storymaps – new technologies for easy access and use of geoscientific data

Due to constantly changing requirements and needs for easy access and use of geoscientific data, the technology and methods to provide and present this type of data have recently evolved remarkably and will undergo more changes in the time to come. The aim is to address broader user groups in addition to the original group of experts ranging from non-experts to even the public to support decision making and participation in projects and initiatives.

What used to be classical data portals providing purely access and download of data or consumption of data services will be supplemented with more ways to explore and analyze data in focused apps right away without switching to expert tools. New and tailored visualizations allow users with specific backgrounds to make better decisions and draw the right conclusions within the context needed.

More and more, new data hubs and federated portals and platforms in the cloud or on premise allow collaboration between different domains. Direct connections and interfaces between these domains nurture integrated and interdisciplinary value chains. Focused apps such as dashboards and storymaps support new experiences of data.

The lecture gives an overview and shows existing examples of these new offerings including the geological domain


Lars Behrens
Esri Deutschland GmbH, Germany
GeoKarlsruhe 2021