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GCI Rohrpassivsammler – An innovation for the integrative monitoring of water quality

The GCI Rohrpassivsammler (tube-installed passive collector) is an innovative measuring device that uses the accumulation of water contaminants onto collector materials for integrative monitoring of varying concentrations, even for trace substances over long periods of time. The precise and adjustable flow and substance-specific calibration allow for a high level of sensitivity and quantitative evaluation of the collection results.

The patented measuring principle can be used with all water sources. The device has been successfully tested at production wells (installed in a bypass) and with treated wastewater, for the detection of explosives, industrial chemicals, and pharmaceuticals. Currently, applications for the detection of PFAS, Monochlorobenzene, and Lead are prepared.

In the latest design, concentrations are measured at short time intervals using substance-specific (bio)sensors, e.g. for Valsartan and Valsartanic Acid. A special design for installation in filter sections of groundwater monitoring wells is being developed which measures the concentration in-situ instead of pumping water to the surface. This design was successfully tested for detection of NSO Heterocycles. Future development is aimed at applications for surface water.

Quality and operation parameters are recorded digitally and wirelessly transmitted from the field for online access and visualisation.

Research and development are the Berliner Wasserbetriebe (BWB), the Fraunhofer Institute (IZI-BB), the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing (BAM), the Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau (TH Wildau) and the Institute for Bioprocessing and Analytical Measurement Techniques (IBA). Development was funded by the German federal government (ZIM) and the state of Brandenburg (BIG ILB).


Jörg-Helge Hein1
1GCI GmbH, Germany
GeoBerlin 2023