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Geological archives and proxies of polar environmental change: Data basis for constraining numerical simulations

In recent years, geoscientific data provided considerable insights into the environmental past of polar regions. Conventional coring, seafloor drilling, and terrestrial campaigns led to increasing data availability of past environmental and ice-sheet change at both poles. As these are the regions most sensitively reacting to climatic changes, reliable datasets of past variations are critical for constraining numerical models aiming at simulating future changes more robustly. We therefore invite contributions from colleagues working in marine and terrestrial settings in both polar regions on various timescales. We particularly ask for contributions that integrate field data with numerical modeling, i.e. utilize past variations as target values for calibrating numerical simulations in order to improve their predictive capabilities for future scenarios.  


Klages, Johann Philipp (1); Müller, Juliane (1,2,3); Kuhn, Gerhard (1)
1: Alfred-Wegener-Institut Helmholtz-Zentrum für Polar- und Meeresforschung, Bremerhaven, Germany; 2: MARUM – Center for Marine Environmental Sciences, Bremen, Germany; 3: University of Bremen, Faculty of Geosciences, Bremen, Germany
GeoKarlsruhe 2021