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Geoparks – Connecting geology, nature and society for a sustainable future

Geoparks serve as an important link between science and the public. Through the lens of geotourism, they not only strengthen regional development and sustainable economics but also offer an interesting encounter with geology and the profound story of our planet’s past. Geoparks provide universal access to the habitat Earth and thereby enhance the respect for nature within society. Since last year the Geopark Ries has been labeled UNESCO Global Geopark, highlighting its remarkable geological heritage on the global stage. The concept of the Geopark Ries is designed to captivate, interest and educate individuals from diverse backgrounds. Even from a very young age, visitors are able to dive into Earth’s history via child-firendly educational programs. Numerous geosites, expert-led tours and thematic hiking trails not only deepen the understanding for the environment and geology of interested locals and tourists but also grant researches and students access to the type locality of Suevite and Riesite.

Therefore, Geoparks play a significant role in raising public awareness regarding the relationship between geology, nature and humanity, thus laying a solid foundation for a sustainable future.


Anna Mareis1, Fabian Weiß1
1Geopark Ries e.V., Germany
GeoBerlin 2023
Nördlinger Ries