Skip to main content an online application for disseminating the Global Heat Flow Database to the international heat flow community

The Global Heat Flow Database serves as a valuable resource for researchers studying Earth's thermal regime. However, accessing and analyzing this vast collection of geothermal data is presently challenging and limits its widespread utilization. To address this, we present a new online application to the international heat flow community, facilitating seamless discovery, access and analysis of the data. Developed within the DFG-funded World Heat Flow Database Project, it complements the evaluation of existing data and development of a new, collaborative metadata schema for heat flow data.

Our application offers an intuitive interface, allowing researchers to efficiently search, retrieve, and visualize heat flow measurements worldwide. It supports advanced search functionalities that enable users to filter data based on geographical locations, geological parameters, measurement techniques, etc. Integration of powerful data visualization tools allow users to generate maps, plots, and graphs for visual exploration and interpretation. Furthermore, the application incorporates domain relevant statistical analysis functionalities, empowering researchers to perform trend analyses and other statistical assessments directly within the platform.

Our application also aims to foster collaboration within the international heat flow community. We incorporate features such as user profiles, discussion forums, and the ability to contribute new data or review existing records. Overall, we hope to bridge the gap between heat flow specialists and valuable geothermal data by providing an innovative and inclusive platform. We believe this tool will significantly enhance scientific investigations into the Earth's thermal regime and serve as a catalyst for further breakthroughs in the understanding of geothermal processes.


Samuel Jennings1, Kirsten Elger1, Sven Fuchs1, Nikolas Ott2, Stephan Mäs2, Ben Norden1, Florian Neumann1, Simone Frenzel1
1GFZ, German Research Centre for Geosciences, Potsdam, Germany; 2Technical University Dresden, Dresden, Germany
GeoBerlin 2023