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Hydrogeology of arid environments

Most (semi-)arid regions are characterized by limited surface water and hence rely on other sources. While unconventional resources such as desalinated seawater can be a valuable option for domestic supply in coastal areas, groundwater withdrawal is still the only relevant option to produce volumes that can satisfy the demand of water-intensive sectors, above all irrigated agriculture. In many areas, however, groundwater resources are over-exploited, i.e., more water is abstracted from the aquifers than is naturally replenished. Considering global changes such as population and economic growth, and the predicted expansion of dry areas due to climate changes (e.g. in the Circum-Mediterranean region), the pressure on groundwater resources will be even amplified. This situation calls for a better water management, which is in turn dependent on an adequate hydrogeological understanding comprising both, available quantities and water quality. We hence envisage a session that covers a broad spectrum of hydrogeological aspects of (semi-)arid environments. Sub-topics could include, but are not limited to, groundwater recharge estimations, flow modelling, hydrochemical studies, and isotope applications. Interdisciplinary contributions, linking hydrogeology to neighboring disciplines, are encouraged.  


Schulz, Stephan; Michelsen, Nils
TU Darmstadt, Germany
GeoKarlsruhe 2021