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LiquidEarth: Integrating Rapid 3D Geological Modeling in Cross-Platform Mixed Reality

Virtual and mixed reality technologies are reaching maturity for both professional and consumer applications, offering not only stereoscopic 3D visualization environments but also novel user interfaces with more immersive experiences of interacting with 3D content. Geosciences, which inherently deal with 3D complexities, can greatly benefit from these advancements. However, the potential benefits remain largely untapped for professional applications. Recent developments are bringing 3D geodata visualization with collaboration into virtual spaces. Nonetheless, the actual steps of 3D geological model creation and modification remain predominantly limited to workstation computers and 2D displays.

Addressing these limitations, we present LiquidEarth, a software solution that integrates rapid geomodeling with immersive mixed-reality environments. Utilizing a cloud-accelerated implicit modeling algorithm, LiquidEarth offers a dynamic experience of creating and updating 3D geological models in virtual spaces with real-time feedback. Cross-platform compatibility makes the solution device-agnostic, facilitating adoption in various geoscience applications and scenarios, including fieldwork.

The software combines features such as immersive visualization, real-time collaboration, field connectivity, workflow connectors, and flexible export options to create an integrated and versatile tool, making it ideal for geoscientific work in industry, research, and education. This holistic approach bridges the gap between immersive visualization of geological data and geological modeling, enabling geoscientists to harness the full potential of mixed reality technologies.

LiquidEarth signifies a substantial, yet initial, step towards the future of geomodeling by transcending traditional constraints. Its objective is to augment the geoscientific expert's ability to analyze and comprehend intricate geological 3D complexities while promoting the development of insightful conclusions.


Fabian A. Stamm1, Simon Virgo1, Miguel De la Varga2, Florian Wellmann2
1Terranigma Solutions GmbH, Germany; 2Terranigma Solutions GmbH, Germany;Computational Geoscience, Geothermics and Reservoir Geophysics, RWTH Aachen University, Germany
GeoBerlin 2023