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New ways to find geoscientific information in Europe. GeoERA GIP-P Search System

In Europe there is a considerable amount of geoscientific information of great value to scientists, technicians and to society in general. Discover and access the available information is sometimes not easy due to different reasons: the language of the user and the information are not the same, the disparity of access points, etc. In the framework of the GeoERA GIP-P project, a new search system is being developed in order to facilitate the discovery and access to geoscientific information available in Europe. This system offers the user the possibility to discover available information even if the search text entered by the user and the data or metadata do not match, but are semantically close. The search form offers different query possibilities: free text search, spatial selection, filtering by topic category, etc. For each of the results listed, the system offers all the online access to the dataset: existing web applications to facilitate concrete thematic capabilities to query, display and analyse the dataset; URLs to access the dataset in certain formats (e.g. CSV, SHP); services to display or query the dataset (e.g. WMS, WFS); metadata details (e.g. ISO 19115). In addition to display a ranked list of results that meet the query specified by the user, one of the most important features of the system is that, using the search criteria, it searches inside datasets to get and display records from databases, documents in a document repository o concepts from a project vocabularies, etc.


Angel Prieto, Margarita Sanabria, Román Hernández & Héctor Sánchez