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NFDI4Earth – addressing the digital needs of Earth System Sciences – B Lars Bernard, Jörg Seegert

NFDI4Earth addresses digital needs of Earth System (ES) Sciences (ESS). ES scientists cooperate in international and interdisciplinary networks with the overarching aim to understand the functioning and interactions within the Earth system and address the multiple challenges of global change. NFDI4Earth is a community-driven process providing researchers with FAIR, coherent, and open access to all relevant ES data, to innovative research data management (RDM) and data science methods. The NFDI4Earth 2021-26 work plan comprises four task areas (TA), of which TA3 and TA4 are finally introduced here: TA3 2Interoperate aims at interoperability and coherence of the heterogeneous, segmented range of ESS RDM services. The ecosystems of ESS (meta-)data and software repositories, data science services and collaboration platforms get integrated iteratively into a common NFDI4Earth architecture. Based on commonly agreed-upon standards TA3 provide consistent methods for a self-evaluation of RDM offerings. TA3 works on NFDI cross-cutting topics and makes outcomes accessible as a Living Handbook. It ensures co-operation in international RDM initiatives and standardisation bodies. TA4 2Coordinate facilitates the overall management of the NFDI4Earth consortium. TA4 acts as central support service and coordination of the technical implementations. It also offers virtual research environments. The NFDI4Earth Coordination Office will support the NFDI4Earth community in day-to-day operations and acts as the NFDI4Earth point of contact. It develops a commonly agreed model for a sustainable operation of NFDI4Earth. A commonly accepted NFDI4Earth FAIRness and Openness Commitment is key to fostering a cultural change towards FAIR and Open RDM in the ESS community.


Lars Bernard, Jörg Seegert
Technische Universität Dresden, Germany
GeoKarlsruhe 2021