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Ohmgebirge Potash Deposit – Confirmation Drilling & Mineral Resource Update

South Harz Potash Limited (SHP) is a publicly listed company on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). Through its wholly-owned subsidiary Südharz Kali GmbH, the Company holds the Ohmgebirge mining licence in the north-western part of the Thuringian Basin, a region with more than 100 years of history of mining Permian potash deposits.

Based on the available historical exploration data, the potash resource at the Ohmgebirge was categorised by Micon International Co Limited in 2019 as an Inferred Mineral Resource in accordance with the guidelines of the Australasian JORC Code (2012).

In order to increase the level of geological knowledge and the confidence in the existing drill hole and assay database and to advance the project, two confirmation holes were drilled in 2022. The successful drilling demonstrated a good comparability of lithostratigraphic, mineralogical and geochemical data with the historic exploration data. Combining the existing and new data sets, the geological model has been updated, allowing an upgrade of a substantial proportion of the Ohmgebirge Mineral Resource estimate from the Inferred to the Indicated classification.

Currently, SHP is collaborating with experienced consultants to prepare a feasibility study which will consider all relevant technical, economic, social and environmental aspects of the project in order to transform the Mineral Resource to a Mineral Reserve according to JORC (2012). To increase awareness of the importance of mining local raw materials, we communicate transparently and regularly with the regional public and all stakeholders on our project advancements.


Sabine van der Klauw1, Ricarda Hanemann1
1Südharz Kali GmbH, Germany
GeoBerlin 2023