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QuARUm – Quality assessment of analytical data in the field of resource and environmental sciences

QuARUm is a BMBF- and EU-funded research project that aims to develop a prototype for a low-code environment enabling the researchers to construct pipelines that objectively and automatically assesses the quality of analytical data. In geochemistry, increasing amounts of data become available via journal publications and in numerous data repositories. While current efforts are focused on improving the availability of data, verifying the quality of the published data is equally important. The latter one, however, is in most cases rather complicated or just impossible because important information is missing in the publication (e.g., limits of quantification, measurements of reference materials or precision and accuracy). The tool developed during QuARUm will assess data quality using available metadata, statistical methods, and sample-specific criteria. The prototype can be applied in-lab on self-produced data, data published in journal articles or directly to data repositories. Furthermore, the tool will be designed in a low-code environment as an open box, fully visible and modifiable by computer science laypeople.

We will present key aspects, application fields, a road map and the first results of our QuARUm project.


Malte Mues1, David Ernst2, Falk Howar1, Michael Bau2
1TU Dortmund, Germany; 2Constructor University, Germany
GeoBerlin 2023