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The BGR GeoPortal: Enabling Access and Integration of Geoscientific Data

The BGR GeoPortal is a comprehensive platform that facilitates seamless access to geoscientific data, fostering data exploration and integration. In this abstract, we highlight several key features of the GeoPortal and discuss our ongoing efforts to address challenges in consolidating data sources and promoting data sharing.

To enhance the integration of geoscientific data with existing literature, the GeoPortal incorporates a linkage to the Geological Literature Linked Data (ZSN). This integration allows users to seamlessly connect relevant scientific publications with associated geospatial data, promoting a more holistic understanding of geological phenomena.

The inclusion of an RDF interface within the GeoPortal further supports data integration and interlinking. By providing a standard semantic web interface, the GeoPortal enables users to connect and exchange data with other systems, fostering a networked environment for collaborative research and data sharing.


Christoph Schettler1, Gerd Arns-Krogmann1
1Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources, Germany
GeoBerlin 2023