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The Geometadatenplattform METAVER and its application in the state Brandenburg/Germany

METAVER ( is the central platform for recording and publishing (INSPIRE) geospatial metadata from various federal states of Germany. It offers various interfaces for recording and further processing metadata. An editor tailored to the requirements in the institutional area supports standard-compliant recording, according to various aspects of metadata rules in Germany. A web application enables comfortable research and visualization of data sources and providing services. METAVER was implemented with the INGRID software, which is being developed as part of an administrative cooperation of all federal states of Germany.
In the state of Brandenburg, and here specifically in the environmental sector, various requirements are covered by the application. The requirements result, for example, from the Environmental Information Act, the INSPIRE Directive and the OpenData Act.
The talk describes the framework conditions of the application and its basic structure and discusses the synergy effects of the application throughout the METAVER partners.. It also describes the integration of data interfaces of the state of Brandenburg and their integration into processes such as the Opendata strategy and provision of metadata according to the INSPIRE Directive.


Beate Lukas1
1Ministry of Agriculture, Environment and Climate Protection of the State of Brandenburg, Germany
GeoBerlin 2023