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Virtual field trip to Late Jurassic

Digitalisation and FAIR data are overarching elements in the Helmholtz Research Field Earth and Environment (RF E&E) Program-Oriented Funding Phase IV (PoF IV). Already in the transition years from PoF III to PoF IV (2019/2020) different measures were implemented to facilitate this aim. One of them is the so-called DataHub, with the aim that all Earth System (ES) data that is generated by the RF E&E will be available as FAIR data via a common access point. To achieve this, three thematic SubHubs have been created: for atmospheric data (ATMO), for maritime data (MARE, also including DAM) and for terrestrial data (TERRA). The three SubHubs (ATMO, MARE, TERRA) are interlinked by thematic working groups and are continuously developed. In addition, the SubHubs are undergoing a continuous integration process that aims at a common access point and improved interoperability of data, products and services. Here, a presentation via web-based services will be available soon, with common thematic viewers that also provide stakeholder relevant products, in addition to the actual underlying data. The DataHub will be maintained and continuously developed as a long-lasting project that will also support aspects of the NFDI process in general and the NFDI4Earth in particular, thus benefiting the ES sciences in Germany in general.


Peter Braesicke1,5, Roland Bertelmann2,5, Jan Bumberger3,5, Sören Lorenz4,5
1KIT, Germany; 2GFZ, Potsdam, Germany; 3UFZ, Leipzig, Germany; 4GEOMAR, Kiel, Germany; 5on behalf of the Helmholtz RF E&E DataHub
GeoKarlsruhe 2021