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The use of PC-based applications for addressing geoscientific issues in research, industry and public concerns has increased significantly in recent years. The rapidly increasing performance of hardware and software opens up ever new processing possibilities for geoscientists.  At the same time, this development requires the user to keep pace. The Geoinformatics Section of the German Society for Geosciences therefore sees itself not only as a scientific representative body for the field of geoinformation in geosciences, but also as a platform for exchange and continuing education.

The Section Geoinformatics is bringing together experts from different areas of geosciences who use or develop computer-based methods (e.g. geoinformation systems, 3D structural and numerical modeling, geodata management, remote sensing, programming). The aim is always to promote the exchange of expertise, both nationally and internationally, like to support networking.

With regular workshops, advanced trainings and topic-specific sessions at scientific events, the Geoinformatics Section is a well-functioning interface between research & development and application.

Members of the Geoinformatics Section benefit not only from access to this interfaceand network, respectively, but also from special rates for participation in the offered events.

For more information please visit the website of the Geoinformatics Section.


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