The earth system

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Earth system topics

1. Solid Earth

Today’s Earth consists of various spheres that formed over 4.5 billion years from the originally homogeneous planet. The geodynamic processes that essentially take place in the outer solid shell, the lithosphere, are explained in this main chapter.

The first 14 introductory chapters are available, more will follow.

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2. hydrosphere

The hydrosphere includes all oceans, rivers and lakes, the groundwater contained in the soil, pore water and crystal water contained in crystals. It also includes all glaciers, firn fields and snow cover, which are also summarised as the cryosphere.

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3. biosphere

The living world on Earth is summarised as the biosphere. Most of it is found directly on the earth’s surface, in the air above and in crevices and cavities in the ground below. Microorganisms can still exist in the lithosphere at depths of several kilometres in the pore spaces of rocks.

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4. atmosphere

The outermost shell of the Earth is the atmosphere.


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