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The working group “Regional Geology” emerged from the former working group “Central European Crystalline Zone”. There, the cooperation of representatives of different fields of work from authorities, universities and business enterprises in the discussion of complex issues with regional scope had proven to be very stimulating and fruitful. This situation gave rise to the idea of expanding the scope of the working group’s work.

The extensive dismantling of the geological services in combination with growing demand and price increases for many raw materials, environmental protection requirements as well as construction measures as a result of the energy transition in Germany, led to an increasing number of “regional studies” at the hand of different national and international sponsors . These projects are mostly interdisciplinary. Accordingly, a contemporary regional geology should integrate as many aspects and methods as possible, focus on the understanding of the overall geological development of an area, highlight the benefits of existing geological resources for society and the importance of knowledge of geological frameworks for planning. For this purpose, a stronger integration of basic geological research and practical requirements is important.

In the medium term, the interdisciplinary consideration of results with regional relevance and the widespread use of modern investigation methods are to be stimulated in order to increase the acceptance and support of geological work in the public and private sectors. For this purpose, the aim is a cooperation with mainly regionally oriented associations of geoscientists, engineers, geographers, GeoParks or tourism organizations.

The members of the working group are actively engaged in the mediation of regional geological knowledge. Through inexpensive terrain-oriented events, especially young geoscientists should have the opportunity to expand their regional knowledge and terrain experience.

The last events of the working group were an excursion through the southern part of Belgium in March 2012, the 4th Workshop Harz Geology in Roßla in October 2012, an excursion to block-in-matrix rocks in the Harz in June 2013 and an excursion through the Bavarian-Bohemian border area in October 2015.

You may find further information about our next activities here or on the sites about conferences and exkursions.

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