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Geological characterisation for deep geological repository site selection: an example of Hrádek site, Czech Republic

The site selection process for deep geological repository is a long-term project based on numerous disciplines. In the Czech Republic the geological characterisation was performed on nine selected sites in crystalline rocks, from which four were taken into account for ongoing geological survey and detailed site description.

This contribution will present the approach to the geological characterisation, which was, is and will be used for selection of final deep geological repository site on an example of Hrádek locality. The Hrádek locality is based in Moldanubian granitoid and metamorphic rocks of Bohemian massif in the central part of Czech Republic. In the previous phase, mostly archive data were used in combination with local field studies, in order to present a 3D geological model as an input for other models (e.g. hydraulic, transport, discrete fracture network model). The ongoing phase of geological characterisation includes mainly field studies, geological and hydrogeological mapping in combination with geophysical research and future borehole research, geophysical profiling and hydrogeological monitoring. All the data collected will be included in 3D geological model with uncertainty assessment with the aim to compare and evaluate the best site for future deep geological repository.


Zita Bukovská1, Ondřej Švagera1, Lenka Rukavičková1, Petr Mixa1
1Czech Geological Survey, Czech Republic
GeoBerlin 2023