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Geoscience transfer on guided tours into the Messel Pit UNESCO World Heritage Site, Hesse, Germany – A public outreach challenge

Public outreach to transfer geoscientific themes embraces a wide field of activities. University PR on geoscientific investigations, natural history museum exhibitions on e.g Dinosaurs, the establishment of geo-trails with geoheritage interpretation, UNESCO Global Geopark formation with conferences, Geo-Film Festivals and access activities into the unique World Heritage Fossil Site (WHS) Messel Pit, Hesse, Germany are mosaic pieces of the picture ensemble. The bridge between geosciences and public outreach as serious measures is small. It is important to widen it to enthusiast population for Planet Earth. The Messel Pit WHS has picked up the challenge to develop it in direction of a motorway, giving access into this geosite by

a) regularly offered, professionally realised guided tours,

b) by staff and guides with an academic degree and

c) developing a new frame on program offers into this terrestrial Eocene fossil site.

Limited by a fence around, a guided tour frame of public accessible, bookable tours of different tour duration and for different target groups, inclusive children, handicaped and adults was realized in a changing society. A certain time the focus was on visits into the geosite. From 2011 onwards a visitor center with various geo-themes became a complementary mosaic piece for the Messel Pit experience of visitors. Data on the length of offers, type of offers and type of groups visiting were examined and are presented. Regular activities on a variety of topics and of high quality, leading to quality of life in a fast changing society are the visitor's champions.


Maria-Luise Frey1
1Welterbe Grube Messel gGmbH, Germany
GeoMinKöln 2022
Bergstraße-Odenwald, Germany