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Site selection process for the deep geological repository in the Czech Republic

The main criterion concerning the planned deep geological repository comprises its long-term safety, which must be ensured for a period of hundreds of thousands of years. Therefore, particular attention is being devoted to the selection of a suitable site for the facility. As far as the Czech Republic is concerned, it is planned that the DGR will be constructed in a suitable crystalline rock mass. Nine potential sites were originally selected for consideration, all of which were subjected to detailed geological survey assessment. The DGR site selection process was preceded by the extensive collection and evaluation of the relevant data covering the detailed site description and assessment of local conditions. Recently, SÚRAO has conducted a huge amount of research at the sites via e.g. field research, terrain reconnaissance, geological mapping, hydrogeological mapping and sampling, geophysical surveys, the measurement of seismic phenomena, etc. As a result of the research, 3D geoscientific models of the rock conditions were created, which allowed for the assessment of the sites. The nine sites were compared based on safety, feasibility and environmental impact studies following which, on 21 December 2020, the government approved the selection of the four sites recommended by SÚRAO – Březový potok, Horka, Hrádek and Janoch. Further research and exploration work aimed at the eventual selection of the final and backup sites will be conducted up to 2028. The result of this complex characterization will be compiled into a set of site descriptive models describing both – geological setting and long-term evolution of the sites.


Marek Vencl1, Lukáš Vondrovic1, Martin Valter1
1SÚRAO, Czech Republic
GeoBerlin 2023