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Virtual Field Trips – Geological dive around the globe

This session will showcase geological field trips to some of the most spectacular outcrops around the world. Virtual Outcrops provide an opportunity to a larger audience to visualize and learn about outcrops that expose a certain geological characteristic (architecture/structure/facies heterogeneity amongst a few), and have academic/ industry relevance. In reservoir studies, outcrop analogues provide important insights into the vertical and lateral heterogeneity of reservoir properties, which in turn affect hydrocarbon recovery and cost-effective reservoir development. The advent of high resolution drone and satellite based remote sensing techniques has opened a window to illuminate a blind spot in reservoir studies that existed between low resolution 3D seismic data and high resolution 2D data from wells. The datasets included in the field trips would be (but not limited to) standard sedimentological, but also geological and petrophysical data. The presenters are allowed to use any 3D platforms which caters to their needs to carry out a 3D virtual field trip. Intended Audience: This session will present current research as well as tools and applications that are intended to be of interest to both academic and industry audience. Audience will be exposed to most current tools and applications being utilized to not only work but also display 3D outcrop models.  


Khanna, Pankaj
Ali I. Al-Naimi Petroleum Engineering Research Center, Saudi Arabia
GeoKarlsruhe 2021